What They Say

“As Board Advisor, David Deutsch and his firm have been a guiding force in establishing a truly effective board/management structure for our company and in growing our company’s value. From business strategy insights; to investment banking and prep-for-transaction expertise; to important CEO-and-other-key-personnel decisions; to the establishment of our phantom equity plan; to in-depth financial reviews; to the education of our team — and through the COVID crisis — David has been an invaluable advisor to our Board, company, and me. David provides us with the ballast and board-presence that make us better and assists me as CEO. When my ‘M-Team’ and I are focused on making the business run; as Board Advisor, David is focused on what makes us better and more valuable. Ultimately, David isn’t ‘he’ (the Board Advisor), he’s ‘us’ (a trusted member of our team).”

Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Leading National Business Services Company

“David Deutsch has been instrumental as Board member/Advisor to our company and steward of our mission since its early years. David has been a supportive and insightful advisor, particularly as we approached and integrated numerous acquisitions over several years. His input and experience have significantly contributed to the depth and breadth of our Finance Committee, Board discussions and to remarkable growth in value of our company. We count on David’s counsel and will continue to do so as we look to further that growth.”

Chief Executive Officer
Leading National Healthcare and Digital Svcs. Co.