At TheBoardAdvisor, we know what we know from experience and from what we continue to learn.

Some our favorite/timeless ‘reads’ on boards, strategy, management, marketing, leadership and innovation:

Built To Last — Collins

Competitive Strategy Porter

Corporate Turnaround Artistry Sands

Effective Executive, The Drucker

Essays of Warren Buffet, The Buffett

Execution Bossidy

Extreme Ownership Willink/Babin

Financial Planning & Analysis and Performance Management — Alexander

First, Break All the Rules Buckingham

Getting Things Done Allen

Good To Great Collins

Governance Revolution, The Midanek

Guerilla Marketing Levinson

Hug Your Customers Mitchell

In Search of Excellence Peters/Waterman

Intelligent Investor, The Graham

Jack Straight From the Gut Welch

Marketing Imagination, The Levitt

Measure What Matters Doerr

Megatrends Naisbitt

NUTS! Southwest Airlines Crazy Recipe For Success Freiberg

Now, Discover Your Strengths Clifton/Buckingham

Ogilvy On Advertising  Ogilvy

On Becoming a Leader Bennis

Only the Paranoid Survive Grove

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Ries/Trout

Reengineering the Corporation Champy/Hammer

Reimagine Peters

Re-inventing the Corporation Naisbitt

Selling the Invisible Beckwith

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey

Start With Why Sinek

State of Readiness Paris

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Maxwell

Ultimate Question, The Reichheld