How it’s Different

All Boards do governance; strategy, risk management and executive oversight. TheBoardAdvisor™ does that and-then-some. A kind of Board-In-One™ , helping closely-held companies make better decisions, grow faster, identify and address risk, mediate among stakeholders and family members, survive and recover from crises, and prepare for succession and winning exits.

All Boards have fiduciary duty to shareholders. TheBoardAdvisor™ is different, allowing it to advise individual shareholders and family members in a way that Statutory Boards cannot.

All Boards meet quarterly and annually. TheBoardAdvisor™ sharpens corporate strategy, metrics and milestones and facilitates greater progress at quarterly and annual meetings. And, organizes and responds to monthly finance calls, stakeholder calls and critical deliberations when needed.

Great private companies know they’ll benefit from the perspective, expertise and value-add of functioning Boards, but often they’re not inclined to expand their Statutory Boards (regulating owner decisions and compensation), and they’d rather not incur the cost of multiple director fees, D&O insurance, board counsel, etc. And, Advisory Boards generally aren’t the answer. Too little depth and continuity. More window-dressing than value-added directorship.

Enter TheBoardAdvisor™ . More effective than an Advisory Board. Much like an expanded Statutory Board, with all the upside, little of the downside and great flexibility. With expertise, experience and resources in business strategy and risk, corporate finance and reporting, corporate development and M&A, and crisis management and recovery that makes companies better.

Established in 1993, David N. Deutsch & Company is the strategic financial advisor of leading closely-held companies, their owners and Boards; specializing in complex corporate sales and, equally, a long-term strategic financial advisor to its clients — whether they transact or not. Unlike other investment banks who just transact, David N. Deutsch & Company provides its clients with pre-transaction and ongoing owner/board advisory through TheBoardAdvisor™.

How is this Board different from all other Boards? Call David Deutsch, directly, at 212-980-7800 x1; he’d be pleased to advise.